WeDesk team can edit collaboration screens in the form that businesses want

The collaboration system can be produced without coding by organizing menus and screens suitable for each person and user's

Widget placement, you can attach custom databases to widgets.

  • You can organize your collaboration screen with collaborative widgets such as Khanban, List, Gant, Chat, and Whiteboard.
  • You can associate a widget with a specific database to display data on the screen.
  • A single data source can be used jointly by multiple widgets.
  • It can work with external databases, so it can work with external services such as Google sheet as well as existing internal DBs.
  • Manage data in one place, even though each person has a different screen configuration

  • Experience similar to editing Excel sheets allows you to create and edit databases without any specialized knowledge.
  • You can also connect to an external database that you were using to retrieve data.
  • Optimize performance with keyboard-centric UI

    Combining Chat Channels

    It also provides a chat channel such as Slack, so you can design a collaborative workspace.

    Use cases

    Project Management

    Teams can create custom collaboration screens with widgets like Kanban, List, and Gantt(Upcoming soon) to manage projects efficiently. The ability to associate widgets with specific databases can enable real-time tracking of project progress and milestones.

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    WeDesk's collaborative system can also be used to create custom CRM screens with widgets such as Forms, Tables, and Chat. The integration with external databases like Google Sheets and internal DBs can provide a comprehensive view of customer data and enable teams to communicate and collaborate effectively.

    Data Analysis

    The collaboration system's ability to connect with external databases and customize screens can also be useful in data analysis use cases. Teams can create screens with widgets like Charts, Tables, and Filters to analyze data from multiple sources and collaborate in real-time.

    Remote Work

    WeDesk's chat channel and collaborative canvas can be used for remote work, enabling teams to communicate and collaborate effectively. With customizable screens, teams can create a workspace that suits their needs and work together seamlessly.

    Marketing Campaign Management

    Teams can use WeDesk's collaboration system to create custom screens with widgets like Forms, Tables, and Chat to manage marketing campaigns effectively. The ability to associate widgets with specific databases can enable real-time tracking of campaign performance, lead generation, and conversion rates.

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